As the economy strives to rebound from the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 and banking crises, the concurrent downward plunge of real estate prices continue to create extraordinary investment opportunities in many properties. Commercial banks currently hold significant amounts of defaulted loans and foreclosed real estate, and they do not have the capital or the management expertise to continue to hold and properly manage these problem assets. As a result, along with distressed private owners that survived the recession, banks are seeking to sell these assets at depressed prices to maintain their required liquidity and ratios.

In 2014, Private equity firms had a record $700 billion of assets under management and are seeking more cash flow scenarios. Investors are seeking multifamily opportunities as an alternative to fixed-income investments with the option to receive financing with stabilized low interest rates.

Apartment Asset Advisors believes that it is an ideal time to invest capital and seek out unique buying opportunities while diversifying investors with multifamily real estate portfolios. Additionally, with a strong management presence in the Southeast region, AAA will aggressively expand, use economy of scales and local market presence to its advantage. Correspondingly, our primary emphasis will be on locating suitable investments in this growing marketplace and build long-term relationships.