Apartment Asset Advisors’ purpose encompasses the advising of acquisition, repositioning, operation, and disposition of multifamily properties. We concentrate our acquisitions on distressed or defaulted projects, which can be acquired and redeveloped to achieve a basis substantially below today's current market value. AAA tailors a custom real estate portfolio to its diverse array of investor needs.

We acquire most of our properties directly from the lender/owner, usually in multi-property portfolios or bulk transactions. We focus on acquiring these properties at extreme discounts to current market value, minimizing the risk of unexpected dips in the market. By identifying well-located value-add properties in a select number of core markets, we can quickly and effectively maximize operational efficiencies and overall investor return.


  1. Immediate equity with an increased benefit-cost ratio;
  2. Revenue-producing stabilization of investment properties;
  3. Distributions from generated profits;
  4. Significant Return on Investment based on improved market value and appreciation of investment properties;
  5. A reasonable hedge against inflation; and
  6. Tax advantages through disposition control.


The Apartment Asset Advisors vision is to build a company based on demonstrated and verifiable integrity, honor, expertise, and professionalism. A company where the real estate investor can contribute its capital interests with other like-minded investors into prudent offerings tailored for their specific goals and objectives. We are a company where success is the starting point, not an aspiration.