Apartment Asset Advisors, LLC, (AAA) is a dynamic operation primarily and initially formed to capitalize on today’s extraordinary opportunities available with distressed, opportunistic and value-add Class “B/C” multifamily assets throughout the Southeast. The principles of opportunistic acquisition and corrective management value creation guide our investment strategies throughout the investment horizon. The firm excels due to their established relationships, proven track record and unique strategies and processes that consistently deliver outstanding results.

Our CEO, Jeff Klotz, has been recognized for his success and expertise in evaluating opportunities, asset management, marketing, as well as sales and leasing. Our principals average over 20 years of real estate acquisition, development, legal, construction, and investment expertise. This expertise has led to investment returns that have surpassed forecasted projections, and gives AAA a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our executive team has received awards for several sales and project design implementation that have contributed significantly to community improvements. They have even been recognized for “Outstanding Returns on Investment.”

The company also has access to a wealth of expertise in the form of their in-house “Strategic Partners.” This group’s extensive backgrounds in related fields support the operations of the firm, and allow AAA to move quickly and certainly in areas where most companies would hesitate.

In order to optimize the value and liquidity of its projects, AAA has established a specific acquisition criteria which focuses on distressed or defaulted projects purchased at extreme discounts. We then add substantial value to the assets by resolving its issues. Our experience and expertise in turn-around properties gives AAA a competitive advantage in all facets of the real estate market.